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Our Distinctives

Distinctive features of a WCA education include:

  • Our teachers are godly men and women who are well trained and love children, dedicated to discipleship and instruction
  • We teach through a lens of a Biblical worldview in all we do
  • Our classical curriculum and methodologies teach children to think and learn for a lifetime
  • Our academic program includes a strong emphasis on grammar, logic, rhetoric and Latin as well as history, science, mathematics and the arts
  • We cultivate Biblical character and leadership and strive to shepherd a child’s heart, not just behavior
  • Class size averages 13 students
  • Our students are involved in multi-age activities through “family groups,” reading buddies, school meetings, field trips, musical productions, and special service opportunities
  • Every class “adopts” a ministry or government leader for a year. They also are involved in outreach opportunities with local or foreign ministries
  • Parents are partners, welcome any time, and invited to volunteer as much as possible