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Our Distinctives

  • We are authentically Christian and all growing together. We teach with a biblical worldview, committed to the Truth, beauty and goodness of God’s Word. Coming alongside Christian parents for the purpose of educating their children with Christian excellence, our teachers are godly men and women who are well trained and love children.
  • We are distinctively classical, part of a growing movement across the country to restore the most proven form of education in Western culture. WCA values the process of training young men and women to be capable, knowledgeable and God-fearing adults who can be successful in the world without being sucked into it. We provide an education that looks a lot more like that of the world’s greatest thinkers than that provided by our employment-driven modern education. We endeavor to teach children to think and learn for a lifetime. This includes a strong emphasis on grammar, logic, rhetoric and Latin as well as history integrated with literature, writing, theology and the arts.
  • WCA is a family-orientated, caring community. We nurture meaningful relationships among students, faculty and parents in a grace-filled culture loaded with love. All students regularly engage in multi-age activities through “family groups,” reading buddies, school meetings, field trips, musical productions and special service opportunities. With a class size that averages 15 students, we are able to tend to the personal needs of each child. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to volunteer as much as possible.
  • We are non-denominational, representing over 25 churches and several denominations and traditions. We are not supported by any one church, and are governed by an independent Board of Trustees. Parents, faculty, and staff agree to our statement of faith, and practice the maxim: “In things essential, unity; in things non-essential, liberty; in all things, charity.”
  • We fill a unique gap on the west side of Greater Cleveland as an independent classical and Christian school.
  • WCA is affordably accessible. We provide financial assistance that begins in kindergarten.