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What to Expect in Grade 6


  • Morning assemblies with the whole school featuring prayer, a devotion, praise songs, birthday celebrations and announcements.
  • Chapel each Wednesday featuring singing, Bible recitation and a special presentation.
  • Participation in a “Family Group,” a K-8 mix of 10 students led by and 8th grader. These groups meet almost weekly for prayer, game or devotional activity.
  • Daily bible instruction using Veritas Press: Acts through Revelation.
  • Weekly scripture memorization
  • Literature: Books include Call of the Wild, Christmas Carol, Children’s Homer, Robin Hood, Moss Flower, Detectives in Togas and Witch of Blackbird Pond. Students visit our school library once each week.
  • Language Arts: skills learned are classifying seven sentence pattern using the eight parts of speech in conjunction with The Shurley Method. Write clear and concise paragraphs and utilize the 3-point and five paragraph essay. Writing a two page research paper on an ancient culture. Learn basic outlining and note-taking skills. Spelling using the Spalding method and vocabulary curriculum; Grammar using the Shurley method.
  • Daily math according to the student’s ability/achievement level: Saxon Course 2 or PreAlgebra
  • History: Ancient civilization beginning in Mesopotamia including Egyptian, Chinese, Roman civilizations up to the middle-ages.
  • Science & Health: Investigations in biology beginning with the classification system and the structure of the cell, mitosis and meiosis, genetic replication and transcription, preliminary botany and studies in arthropods, amphibians and mammals. Health topics include healthy living and physical care.
  • Latin: students continue to enrich their Latin vocabulary and begin to understand translations.
  • Fine arts classes include the study of music theory and musical performances for choir and an annual school musical. Students create original artistic expressions from a foundational instruction of the elements of art. Additionally students learn the basics of art history.
  • Physical education three times per week
  • Daily snack from home; daily lunch and recess
  • Annual participation in Field Day, Christmas program and a sixth grade led chapel service.
  • Some Field Trips and Special Activities


– Insect Collection in the fall
– Rocky River Nature Center
– A week at Mohican Outdoor School
– Dissection of earth worm, grasshopper and frog
– Fungus, bacteria and yeast produced foods feast