Encouraging Words

Words of Encouragement from our Fantastic WCA Families
As we navigated through the new territory of remote education, our WCA parents were supportive and uplifting the entire time.  Thank you for your prayers, support, and wonderfully encouraging words.

“We pray for you daily to feel inspired, encouraged and refreshed as you give so much to your students!”

“We appreciate your diligence and care of our children during this difficult time. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. We thank God for you.”

“As a former educator I mourn with you all as this should be the best part of the school year. I always loved the 4th quarter! I can see how much you love and care for my children and I’m forever grateful for this. I cannot imagine going through this remote learning experience with anyone other than WCA. I am honored to have had you as a part of my childrens’ lives this past year. Thank you for continuing to pour into them. We miss you all and long for the day where we can see you face to face!”

“You are a blessing to all of us.May the Lord grant you strength, health, rest, joy and a deeper understanding of how much you are loved by Him and all of us.”

“You have done a fabulous job.! You rose to the challenge in submitting to God’s plan for this year.  You didn’t lose your focus, but, rather, taught the kids through your actions that it’s ok to refocus based on God’ s direction and still work with excellence. What parent wouldn’t want that model for their children. You are loved!  We are very proud of you!”

“Just thank you for all you do!!!!  I have always appreciated teachers….now I appreciate them even more!   They truly are a gift to our children!”

“You are all faithfully and generously serving. I know it must be incredibly challenging, especially while caring for the needs of your family also. Thank you for how you serve the Lord by serving our children.”

“Thanks for all of your hard work.  School has continued to be a place of learning and engagement to the glory of Christ.”

“I have really been blessed by seeing them act professionally and with integrity in front of the kids for live streams.  They have encouraged positive attitudes in conditions where I could have almost cried for them considering the frustrating circumstances they found themselves.  I think they have gone above and beyond in many circumstances with the efforts they put forth to provide a quality school day for each child.  Their patience and perseverance has been Christlike from what I have witnessed and it inspired me to also keep on pursuing Christlikeness in my attitude.  I am very thankful for their efforts of support and a pursuit to keep the kids engaged and having fun learning.  Great job, just a great job!!”

“I never realized until now how much effort, energy, thought, diligence and love all of you put forth for our children! Saying thank you is just not good enough and I believe all of you deserve so much more than what you receive but please understand from the bottom of my heart how much gratitude I hold for all of you and that you are always in my prayers!”

“This has been a really trying time for all.  But WCA and all of you – staff and teachers – have been a blessing to our children and our family.  Thank you  and God bless you.”

“You’re doing a fantastic job!  Us parents will really appreciate all that you do on a whole new level next year!”

“Thanks for their help and support, during these trying times for everyone. I personally appreciate all the help and kindness I have received during the time my kids have been at WCA. I think they are Great!”

“Keep up the great work!!!  You’ve accepted the challenge with a positive attitude, taken the bull by the horns and made it your mission to put your best foot forward…..not allowing Satan to gain even an inkling of footing.  Well done good and faithful servants!  We so appreciate your efforts!!”

“Thanks you for all you do in these tough times”

“God bless you all! Thank you!”

“We are praying for you!”

 “Thank you, thank you, thank you! And may God bless you for the wonderful example, focus and grace that you show our children. I could not be more thankful to God for this school.”

“We adore them and their efforts- we miss them!”

“I appreciate their efforts and care for our children.  Thank you!”

“I am so grateful for our WCA teachers!!! This has been an AMAZING 11 years of education for my children.  It has been worth the financial sacrifice time and again to have such loving, shepherding mentors in my children’s lives day after day.”

“Keep encouraging the students–your kind words do make a difference.”

“Thank you for all of your love and support for our kids (and parents) across the digital connections! Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all you do! We are so grateful for you and are praying the Lord will use this for good for us all!”

“We know how hard you have all been working.  Your love for the kids is so evident in each class that I over hear.  I appreciate all that you put into each class and each student.  Thank you for loving, teaching, and praying for our children and families.”

“Thank you for loving our children and for all the extra work required in making virtual learning possible.”

“You are all loved and appreciated. And we know this is tough especially for those that live far away. Not every teacher is able to stop by their students’ houses and provide them with messages, but we know the ones who can’t do things like that are just as dedicated. Thank you for all your lesson planning, for making helpful videos, for investing so much time and attention into your work. I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe and above all, staying positive.”

“Thank you for all of your hard work behind the scenes, for putting yourself in our shoes and making adjustments for at-home learning. We are grateful for your leadership and the love you put into all you do!”

“I know the teachers would rather be in the class , but they are still having an important impact on their students.”

“Thank you, Thank you for not giving up on educating our students well!”

“You are doing amazing! Thank you for all of the instructional videos and little touches to connect with the kids.”

“You are doing an amazing job considering the circumstances. Thank you for your help and guidance during this unprecedented time. Thank you for the encouragement and love you give to our children! We are blessed to have you in our lives!”

 “The teachers have been very available, helpful, and understanding. I really appreciate their patience as there has been a bit of a learning curve. Thank you!”

“The teachers have been so gracious and encouraging! They each have their own stressors and own families to care for and yet they are making time to write cards, get on class live streams when my child is having a rough day to encourage them, and even stopping by the home with a treat or special sign. I’m so thankful for how well they love my children and our family and their self sacrifice does not go unnoticed.”

“Thank you for your flexibility, ingenuity, positive, Christ-centered, and continued investment in our children.”

“Thank you for all the time you are putting into your class. I recognize you are also a parent and helping with your child’s ‘at home’ schooling. Thank you for how often you are available to help us.”

“Please stay strong in the knowledge that we love you and support all the extra hours you are putting into these last weeks of the 2019-2020 school year.”

“You are all amazing! You have handled this transition from classroom to distance learning with grace, making it look effortless! Thank you for all you do!”

“They are doing an EXCELLENT job. We are very thankful for their extra work they are doing to make this online teaching successful. We understand that this isn’t easy to do. You can see the effort they are putting forth for our daughter. We are blessed by each one. We have friends in other schools and have not had much Interaction with the teachers. Praising God for WCA teachers.”

“We appreciate the efforts of teachers who have reached out in special ways and accommodated requests for more help and/or more time.”

“I know this is challenging, but keep up the good (and hard) work you are doing! You are making a difference in our children’s lives.”

“May God bless them and hold them close to Him.  Their roles are now seen as even more important than before and that’s a wonderful thing.”

“The teachers did a great job with quickly organizing assignments and setting up google classroom.”

“Incredible job learning a whole new way of teaching on the fly. I imagine you’ve been busier than ever. Thank you. And thank you for your patience as parents and kids adapted.”

“I am proud of how quickly the teachers got google classroom up and running, this has been a learning curve for most of us. They have done a great job in communicating what is expected each day.”

“We SO appreciate their love for our children and grace when things may not be done their way!! SO THANK YOU!!”

“We think all the WCA teachers are very cool. :)”

“We are so grateful for all you do! One of the “silver linings” to all of this is that we have been able to see and hear you working with our kids in a way that we never have before. The love and patience that you all have for your students and their families is amazing! I couldn’t imagine a better team of people to help us shepherd our children into adulthood! Thank you! ❤️”

“Teachers are trying to teach as best as they can remotely as we can see and trying to stay connected with all kids.Fantastic job!”

“We are so grateful for your positive attitudes, patience and helpfulness. Thank you for doing your best to help our children finish the school year! May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you strength and endurance to finish strong!”

“Thank you. You are a blessing and a treasure.

“Thank you for being available for google meet and FaceTime one on one sessions with my kids in areas that they struggle. They don’t want to receive all the instructions from me. It is nice from them to learn from their teachers who are way, way more educated than I am in teaching.”

“The teachers have handled this with such patience, and kindness and grace to us parents, who were totally overwhelmed at first. I’m so thankful for that. When I’ve dropped balls, and I’ve dropped many, the teachers were there to encourage, never condemn. I really needed that.”

“Great job!!! Very thankful for the “consistency” and “creativity” that they try to provide the students and try to adjust themselves as well. Well done!!! Praise God!”

“you have been amazing and wonderful. you have even figured out how to love on my kids via the computer!”

“We so appreciate the support, encouragement, flexibility, and love the teachers have poured out over these last few weeks. Thank you for all your hard work!”

“I Cor. 15:58 So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.”

“I so appreciate all the extra things the teachers have done to try to stay connected and maintain consistency for the kids. They put a routine in place with lightning speed which has made all this possible.”

“We know this was stressful for everyone but I pray we all learned and grew from the experience. We also hope you all have a wonderful summer with your families and that your time together is blessed.”

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