Shepherding A Child’s Heart

What’s on Your ‘To Do’ List?

by Jim Whiteman, Headmaster, Westside Christian Academy
Shepherding A Child’s Heart, Part 1

It seems our “To Do” lists often run our lives. Why is it that we often evaluate the success of our day on what we were able to accomplish that was on the list? This thinking permeates our culture and our children soon catch on. “What do you want to do when you grow up?” we ask them. “What will you do tomorrow? While our children are young, their “to do” list typically includes lessons, sports, school work, recreation, Sunday school and household chores. These are all fine things that can indeed foster responsibility, teamwork and talent. Yet too often we learn to dwell on performance and perhaps forget the “why” of such activities. The Bible is not performance oriented like we often are. It leads us toward character-building, not career-building, on becoming more like Christ, not like our media role models. The biblical “to-do’s” come from God’s directives– our heavenly Father leading his children in a life of faith, obedience and joy.
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