Westside Rhetoric

Why Do We Teach Logic?

By Jason Hindall, Science, Bible, Logic, and Mathematics Teacher, Westside Christian Academy

Each day at WCA, we are about the business of educating and preparing leaders to impact the world for Christ. Offering students God’s truth and knowledge of our world, past and present, serves to equip them mightily for whatever our Lord calls them to do.

I have been blessed to be a member of the WCA faculty for the past six years as a science, bible, logic and mathematics teacher. Each year my logic students, typically in trepidation of the challenge before them, ask me the same question. I respond with several areas of intent and focus.

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Five Things to Know Before Your Child Starts School

by Jim Whiteman, Headmaster, Westside Christian Academy

In a recent presentation I made to young moms, the question was asked, “What do you wish all parents knew before their child starts school?” While I can answer this thought-provoking query from the perspective of someone who’s been in the school business for three decades, I perhaps am better thinking about what I wish I myself had understood before my own children began trotting off to kindergarten years ago. With a little hindsight, I have five basic thoughts.
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Worship While You Work

by Kathy Foldesy, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Westside Christian Academy

“You are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:24

The Classical and Christian pedagogy of teaching is most certainly grounded in the Trivium. Westside Christian Academy employs the brilliant methodologies of songs, chants, and repetition at the grammar stage and the spirited interactions of recitations, debates and discussion at the logic stage. All of which boast classical. Our teaching helps children become educated and that is excellent. For WCA, however, the most important part of this activity is the heart. Most earnestly, at the heart of this activity is Christ and our desire to worship Him.
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