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College Credit Plus – CCP

Please read over the information below and take note of the important deadline dates listed.  Reach out to Carol Hinckley, our college counselor, with any questions and/or when you are ready to enroll.
Carol Hinckley chinckley@westsideacademy.org

In general, what is College Credit Plus – CCP?

  • Formerly PSEO/Dual Enrollment
  • Ohio funding of college courses taken during Upper School years
  • The credits count for both the college transcript as well WCA High School credit (Dual-Enrollment Credits)
  • Tuition is covered by Ohio CCP
  • The textbooks are not paid by Ohio CCP, but they are paid by WCA
  • Students can apply for a maximum of 30 credit hours per year however, funding is at discretion of CCP


  • WCA has selected Cedarville University as a partner in delivering specific elective course for high school and college credit (see ‘Cederville Admission Requirements’ below)
  • CCP funded courses from other colleges/universities are at the discretion of each family.
  • The credits count for both the college transcript as well WCA High School credit (Dual-Enrollment Credits)
  • A student must apply and meet all the requirements set by Cedarville for admission
  • SAT/ACT test results are required by Ohio Dept of Education & Cedarville
  • WCA staff will be available to help Upper School families and students as needed in this process


 Who can participate in CCP?
Any student, at their parents’ counsel, are permitted to enroll in CCP coursework; however, the credits required to graduate from Westside Christian Academy are part of a carefully planned, intentional progression consistent with Classical Christian Education. For that reason, core coursework will not be substituted by college-level courses in the same subject area; however, students may earn elective WCA credits by taking CCP courses. Exceptions may apply.


WCA will offer transcript credit for the following courses in 2019-20:

  • Personal Finance
  • Politics & American Culture
  • American History I/II
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Speech
  • Composition I
  • College Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Principles of Biology
  • Other Approved Coursework


Cedarville Admission Requirements:

  • Evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A consistent Christian lifestyle as confirmed by a church leader
  • A 3.0 unweighted, cumulative grade point average in college-preparatory course work through the end of the most recent term prior to enrollment
  • ACT or SAT test scores*
  • ACT composite 22 or higher: 21 English, 19 Math, 20 Reading, 20 Science, OR
  • New SAT 1100 combined: 550 Evidenced Based Reading and Writing, 530 Math



  • 2/3 – 4/1: Submit Letter of Intent (LOI) to participate in College Credit Plus (CCP) window opens ( prior to college application)
  • 2/3 – 4/1 @ 5pm: Sign-up for a OH|ID account at https://ohid.ohio.gov for nonpublic & homeschool parents
  • 2/3 – 4/1 @ 5pm: Apply for CCP funding
  • 2/28 – 3/23: Apply to Cedarville University “College Now” (CCP) program. Once accepted upload acceptance letter to OH|ID
  • 4/1 at 5pm: Last day to submit LOI
  • 3/23: Cedarville University (CU) College Now application due
  • Before May 6: Funding award notification sent to parents

Note: Dates subject to change by Ohio Department of Education or Cedarville University