Classical and Christian Schools

by Kathy Foldesy, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Westside Christian Academy

“WCA? Oh, your kids go to a Christian school,” a friend observed.

“My kids go to a classical Christian school.”

“What does that mean; they take Latin or something?” she quipped.

“Well, yes, they do, but that’s only one facet of this incredible education! Let me explain!”
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The Key to Finding Common Ground

by Ken Williams

Understanding worldview as the first step in Christian apologetics.

For the majority of my life I was an ardent atheist. One of the main reasons I now am not, is Christian Apologetics. Apologetics is “the defense of something,” Christian apologetics then, is the defense of the Christian faith. It is providing a thoughtful, reasonable, and persuasive case for the truth claims of Christianity. This practice has largely been lost in our culture.
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