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Biblical Worldview

Everyone has a worldview. We all have certain presuppositions that affect the way we view life and reality. Our worldview is formed by our upbringing, education, surrounding culture, peers, our leaders, various media, etc. Dr. Christian Overman in his book Assumptions that Affect our Lives says: “At its core, a worldview is a person’s “big picture” of ultimate reality, as shaped by unconscious assumptions and conscious beliefs with respect to five critical issues: God, Creation, Humanity, Moral Order and Purpose.

To be specific, all worldviews are shaped by answers to the following questions:

  • Who or what is the ultimate authority or highest power? (the “God” issue)
  • What makes up the stuff of the universe and how did it get here? (the “Creation” issue)
  • Who am I, what happens when I die, and how do I know what is true? (The “Humanity” issue)
  • How does one determine right and wrong? (the “Moral Order” issue)
  •  Is there a reason and purpose for all that exists? (the “Purpose” issue).

From our worldview comes our values which determine our behavior which shapes our culture.

A Biblical worldview is seeing life through the lens of God’s written Word which leads us to an understanding of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, His creation, our humanity, morality and purpose. At Westside Christian Academy, we endeavor to provide an education through that lens to give students an accurate understanding of themselves, their world, their Creator and their purpose.