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Fifth Grade Communications & Assignments

Latin Update – March 30

I recorded another quick tutorial to help students get started on their Chapter 2 translation which you can find here:

Also, here is a link to our chant booklet that they may find helpful in remembering the noun cases and jobs (chant #10), the noun declension endings (chants #4-6), verb endings (#1, 3, 7), etc:

Please reach out if your student is struggling! I would be happy to help them remotely however I can!

Mrs. Maddox

5th Grade Work Packet
work packet pdf

Latin Update, Added March 19

There is also a good video on the Latin Tutorial website that explains Latin prepositions which could be a good refresher for your student (or for you as you are helping them study!): https://latintutorial.com/videos/prepositional-phrase-latin

Latin Break Assignments
5th grade:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a3icmucY9oabHr7A4Jlg67z-ZUHhiusL/view?usp=sharing