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First Grade Assignments & Communications

Helzer & Nichols

This is the schedule of work for the next two school weeks. Please feel free to contact me by email (or text if urgent 440-327-1962) if you have any questions. Completed work can be dropped off at WCA on a Tuesday or Thursday, with the exception of any work that requires the two weeks to complete.

Some of these assignments can be completed independently. The following work requires parent guidance and cannot be done independently: math lessons (see math folder), My Reader’s Notebook, catechism, the history lapbook.  Click here for schedule

Math Homework for both Helzer & Nichols
This schedule is for your convenience. Please do not do several math pages in one day. We recommend that you do the assessments at the end of the week.
FACT practice pages should be completed on BOTH sides.
Practice pages need only be completed on side A; side B is optional.

Week 1:
Day 1: written assessment 5 (scored as a review, not a test), fact practice 32 A/B
Day 2: fact practice 33 A/B, teach lesson on lines (lesson sheet provided), practice 33 A
Day 3: fact practice 34 A/B, practice 34 A
Day 4: written assessment 6 (please read the questions to your child but do not provide any help; this is graded as a test)

Week 2: 
Day 1: Fact practice 36 A/B, review the hundred chart (on the math folder) with 10 more (ex: find 50, what is 10 more? Find 80, what is 10 more?), practice 36 A
Day 2: fact practice 37 A/B, review pairs using socks (match pairs and make pairs with an odd number of socks), practice 37 A
Day 3: fact practice 38 A/B, review tens and ones (lesson sheet provided), practice 38 A
Day 4: fact practice 39 A/B, review fractions with an apple (lesson sheet provided), practice 39 A
 Day 5: fact assessment 7, lesson worksheet 40-1 A/B, problem solving lesson (lesson sheet provided) and worksheet 40 A/B, written assessment 7 (please read the questions but do not provide any help, this will be scored as a test)