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Kindergarten Assignments & Communications

Monday Update: Week 2 – Rorick
Hi, everyone!

I hope you had an opportunity to find moments to enjoy spring “staycation” this past week. It was fun for me to hear the kiddos’ voices reciting their verses through video. Thanks for sending! I have prayed continually for your families during this time. Please feel free to reach out with ways I can be praying or helping guide you in this coming week!

Here are a few reminders as we head into this 2nd week of “distance learning:” (please note – this is based on the home learning packets/guidelines picked up before Spring Break)

1. Bible recitations: Please email me a video recording by the end of this week with your child reciting their Vv verse (and Tt verse if you did not yet do so). I encourage you to practice the Vv verse and all songs leading up to it by listening to “Sing the Word from A to Z” by The Harrow Family. You can find it on Spotify or YouTube.

2. Math: Compete lessons 36 – 40-1 throughout the week. By end of week, give your child Fact Assessment 2 and Written Assessment 7. These may be filed in the manila packet.

3. Spalding: Throughout the week, please help your child practice and learn spelling list 11 (and 10 if not previously done). At the end of this week, please give your child Spelling Test 11 (and 10 if still needed) and file these tests in the manila packet. Also, we always encourage phonogram reviews beyond the Spelling list ones – hooray for knowing all 70 Kindergarten phonograms!

4. Country Research Project: If you have not already done so, please email me with your child’s country selection for their research project. This project will be due on April 6.

Please let me know how I can support you and the students during this time. We have laid out these general guidelines to give you a sense of keeping pace, but want you to work through material as it fits for your family. Thank you for all that you do!

God bless,

Mrs. Rorick

Daily Routine & Pledges – Thompson
Hi Parents,
Some of the parents have been asking what  my routine is during the Kindergarten day:

Here is a sample:

  • Good morning song: This is the day. (coming soon)
  • Pledges (see videos below)
  • Prayer time
  • Bible time
  • Math
  • Snack and recess
  • Spalding/Reading
  • History/Geography
  • Lunch
  • Quiet time with classical music
  • Specials: Art, Latin, Music, P.E.
  • Science

I know that during this time, you and your family will make the schedule work to your own needs.  Praying for you!

Mrs. Thompson

Bible Pledge
Flag Pledge

Monday Update, March 30 – Thompson
Dear Kindergarten parents,
Happy Monday!  I pray you had a wonderful and relaxing Spring “staycation”  with your family!

As we continue to dwell in the presence of the Lord and look to Him for guidance amidst this trying time in our country, I pray that you will begin to feel His presence and peace upon your family!

Thanks so much to all the parents who met with me for conferences.  I am always reminded of how thankful I am for all of you and what a privilege it is to partner with you! I will be finishing up a few of my conferences this week.

Here are a few reminders for this week: (This was from  our lesson plan given to you before Spring Break)

  • BIBLE VERSES: Please email me a video recording by the end of this week of your child reciting their Tt and Vv verses.  If you prefer, you can send it to my cell # 216-849-4506. Also, I encourage you to practice singing all the verse songs from the CD, “Sing the Word from A to Z” by The Harrow Family. You can find it on Spotify or on YouTube.
  • SPALDING: By the end of this week, both of the spelling list words from list 10 and 11 should be practiced and memorized. Give both spelling tests to your child and put them in the manilla folder.
  • COUNTRY PROJECT REPORTS  If you haven’t already done so , please email me with your child’s country selection for their research project. This project will be due on April 6. (If for some reason you need an extension, please let me know!)
  • MATH: Compete lessons 36-40-1   Give your child fact  assessment 2 and Written assessment 7.

I am in the process of making some videos of different parts of our curriculum that you may feel are helpful… stay tuned!  🙂  See ‘Daily Routine & Pledges’ update above for videos.

Praying without ceasing,

Mrs. Thompson

Week One Wrap-Up and Reminders – Rorick
Good afternoon, everyone!

I pray you are continuing to dwell in the Lord as you find your new “normal” during this time. I first want to thank you again for taking the time to touch base through conference calls this week. I am always reminded of my gratitude to partner with your families, and especially in these circumstances. Thanks for your support of these kiddos!

A few friendly reminders:

– Please email a video recording by end of day today (3/20) of your child reciting their Tt verse – Proverbs 3:5-6. If you find the Tt page is missing, it is likely your child turned it in prior to the school break! Also, I believe “Sing the Word from A-Z” is available on Spotify, YouTube, etc. so they can practice or learn their new songs. 🙂

– If you feel you’ve had enough time to practice, please give your child Spelling Test #10.

– Please email me with your child’s country selection for their research project (if you have not emailed/told me via conference call already). This project will be due April 6.

Thanks for all you are doing, and feel free to reach out with questions or comments!

*Spring Break officially begins today, so I hope you find ways for it to be a time of reconnection and renewal! Mrs. Thompson and I plan to touch base as Spring Break ends, and we will follow up with any updates shortly after that.

Grace and peace,

Mrs. Rorick

Philippians 4:4-9

Email Update March 17 – Mrs. Thompson

Hello, Kindergarten Families!

I hope you are all healthy and well. I have been praying for your families during this unprecedented time. Thanks for your patience as WCA figures out what the weeks ahead look like. For now, here are some important updates:

– The K Team worked together today to assemble work packets for each child. These will be available for pick up tomorrow, March 17 at WCA in the main entrance lobby area from 9:00-3:00. They will include work for this week and the week of March 30. Our original spring break period is still being treated as just that…a break. May it be a time of rest and prayer for you!

– Conferences will be held via phone. At this time, I am planning  to have conferences at the original times scheduled for Tuesday  and Thursday evening. Unfortunately, I will not be available on Wednesday to have conferences.   I will email you separately to set up a time that is convenient for you.  For those that are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday,  I realize your personal availability could have changed since the time you signed up for. Please email me to let me know if you need to change your scheduled conference time. Otherwise, I will plan on calling you at the scheduled time. In the packet I sent home, I put some work samples from your child that we can discuss.  Please have those papers available when we talk on the phone if possible.  Thankful we are able to partner and still connect in this way.

Grateful for all the ways we will be partnering to teach your children in the weeks ahead. Please reach out if I can help in any other way!

Pray without ceasing!

Mrs. Thompson

For the weeks of March 17-20  & March 30-April 3

Monday Morning Journals
Please have your child draw a picture and write a sentence on something they have done the past week. Save these papers in the manila envelope, as they will eventually be returned to school for teacher review.

Bible Verses
Please record your child reciting the Tt verse and send the video to your teacher by 3/20. 

Complete Vv verse page and memorization – Romans 12: 19, 21. Please send the video by 4/3.

Lessons 36 – 40-1.
Complete side A. If you feel your child needs additional time with a concept, please also complete side B. These will not be collected.

*Fact review pages and/or assessments are not timed. However, the goal is for students to memorize these facts and be able to recall without the use of counting fingers. You can encourage them to think about the doubles fact rap if they need help.

Lesson 36 includes making a set of adding 1 fact cards. Help them carefully tear apart the cards and write the answer in pencil on the back of each card. We are sending home their doubles fact cards in a baggie. Please keep all fact cards in this baggie and review daily. 

Lesson 40-1 includes Fact Assessment 2. Please have your child complete this paper on their own. Save this paper in the manila envelope, as it will eventually be returned to school for teacher review.

Lesson 40-2 is Written Assessment 7. Please read aloud any written instructions to your child, but allow them to solve and show work independently. You can repeat the instructions for your child, but do not give any cues/clarifiers that could help them solve the problem. Our aim is to see what they really know. Save this paper in the manila envelope, as it will eventually be returned to school for teacher review.

Work on their Country Research Project. Please email your child’s teacher with their chosen country and connection/reason for picking it. This project will be due April 6. 

God’s Big World News magazines – Lessons 2 and 3. Read and complete once a week. 

Spelling Lists #10 and #11. 

Practice the words and phonograms with your child throughout each week. This can include saying the words for spelling and for reading (segmenting and blending with their fingers), writing the words on white board, paper, etc., using the words in a sentence, and so forth. 

*FYI – rule 18 states that we often use ‘ay’ to say /a/ at the end of a base word.

Once your child has practiced writing their spelling words, please have them write each list with their neatest handwriting in their precious spelling notebooks.

At the end of each week, please give them the spelling test and allow them to complete independently. 

*Tips for giving the tests: For each spelling word, say the word aloud and use it in a sentence. You can use your fingers to show how many phonograms are in each spelling word. For each phonogram, say the sound(s) aloud and the child should write the phonogram that produces that sound(s). 

Save the test papers in the manila envelope, as they will eventually be returned to school for teacher review.

Phonograms – we have completed all 70 Kindergarten phonograms! Please review all the oral phonograms sounds daily. 

Spalding books – please read with or have your child read the current Spalding book that was sent home. This should be done a few times a week. We encourage you to read other household books during this time as well! 

*At this time, Kindergarten work/assessments do not need to be dropped off to WCA prior to April 6. 

*We have included a package of stickers for each child to decorate their manila school work envelope. They can also feel free to draw pictures on it. Enjoy!

*Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. We are praying that your time with your children would be fruitful in many ways!

Praying without ceasing,
Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Rorick