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Grammar School (PreK-6)

Though the word “grammar” is typically used to refer to linguistic structures and rules, we use this term to mean the foundational knowledge of not only language, but also history, theology, art, music, mathematics and science.

Young children are excited to discover the world around them. At Westside Christian Academy we seek to capture the natural curiosity of children by providing them with tools that will unlock the secrets of knowledge for them. Our curriculum not only helps to ground our novice learners in the fundamentals of subject area content, it also gives them the core of phonetics so that they will be able to read well independently and explore learning for themselves. Our primary grade students learn to read and write through a systematic approach from teachers who understand their unique grade-level needs. Each and every day even our youngest students are learning the truths about the character of God and the catechism of our Christian faith.

Our elementary students engage with an enriched curriculum. Through our literature based reading program, students enjoy classic novels which are enhanced by multi-subject integration and a Christian worldview perspective. Biblical Worldview Integration is a methodology of presenting material so that children can make connections between specific academics and the reality of a living, holy God. The students engage in contemplating the “whys” beyond the “whats”. Advanced curricula in math and science allow wonderful opportunities for Christian worldview discussion. Learning Latin, beginning in kindergarten, gives students an advantage in both the literary and scientific realms of their education.

The Grammar School experience at WCA also includes weekly chapel, field trip adventures, community outreach, leadership opportunities, “family groups,” adopt-a-leader programs, health and physical education, regular assemblies and lots of parent collaboration!