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Our Distinctives

Authentically Christian
We acknowledge this is God’s world and all learning is related to the Creator of knowledge. Our ambition is to do God’s will, that He may be honored and that we might become all He desires of us. We teach through a biblical worldview knowing each student is made in the image of God with unique talents and traits. The school day incorporates prayer and study of the Bible, students participate in weekly chapel services to draw their hearts to worship our Creator, and our faculty serve as role models in faith and character.


Distinctively Classical
We are part of a growing movement across the country to restore the most proven form of education in Western culture. Classical education has produced the greatest thinkers, leaders, and scientists in the Western world from the time of the Greeks until the late nineteenth century, including America’s founding fathers. A classical education recognizes that children learn by going through three distinct phases: (1) learning the words and basic facts associated with the subject, (2) sorting, understanding, and practicing using those words and facts, and (3) using the information by solving problems with the information, writing original essays on the subject, and finally by teaching the subject to someone else. This can be summarized as the “trivium” (meaning “three roads”) as the dynamic means of training students to think.

The trivium model:
Grammar phase (Grades K-6): Students are taught the fundamentals of learning through memorization, rhyme, and song.
The fundamental elements provide the framework for all future academic building blocks.
Logic or Dialectic phase (Grades 7-9): Students engage in critical thinking and learn the fine points of logical argument and reasoning.
Rhetoric phase (Grades 10-12): Students further develop their use of grammar and logic in order to articulate their knowledge clearly and persuasively.

In keeping with the classical method we integrate subjects of theology, history, literature, language, mathematics, science, art, and music to complete a robust curriculum producing lifelong learners. Children are not being taught just what to think, but rather how to think and how evaluate their world.


Unique Community
Within the walls of WCA lives a vibrant community of faith and prayer, embodied by the parents, students, faculty, administration, board members, and alumni. We nurture meaningful relationships among students, faculty and parents in a grace-filled culture loaded with love. Our Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is comprised of parent volunteers and exists for the purpose of fostering unity among families who in turn bestow support to our teachers. Desiring to foster spiritual growth, WCA and its families adhere to a three-prong commitment to impart Christ to their children through the home, the school, and the local church. We are non-denominational, and our families represent over 40 churches. We are not supported by any one church, and are governed by an independent Board of Trustees. Parents, faculty, and staff agree to our statement of faith, and practice the maxim: “In things essential, unity; in things non-essential, liberty; in all things, charity.”