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Seventh Grade Assignments & Communications

General Email Update – Wednesday, March 18
Hello Parents and Students. While we are transitioning everyone to Google Classroom the Upper School Teachers are going to try to send all of their announcements in one email at about this time of day. When we are all on board with Google Classroom this should not be necessary any longer, but for now we thought it would be helpful for many.

All Upper School Announcements

Due Dates
All teachers are being flexible and understanding regarding due dates in this challenging time. Please know that we want to support you, not stress you out. Let us know if we need to extend grace in any place. We are praying for all of you!

Google Classroom

  1. Reminder to students that you need to be sure to click the “Turn In” button on Google Classroom or your assignment WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED.
  2. Students, in Google Classroom please make sure that you are signed up for all of your classes. For instance, Prentis Dialectic Humanities and Sasser Dialectic Humanities currently have a different number of students. That means that some of your are enrolled in one, but not the other. Please check that you can see ALL of your classes.

Please email any teacher with whom you would like to conference in order to setup a time to talk on the phone.

Parents’ Classroom
The parents’ classroom is probably not working for many of you as you do not have WCA email accounts. We are working to figure out how to get you the tech support you need with Google Classroom in another way. The best way to do this for now is to just email Mrs. Zuccola if you have an issue.

Do you have students who are wondering how to use their time? Remind them that they could always begin to look through their materials and plan for Practicum, our big Spring day celebrating learning.

Honesty Reminder
Students, remember that your goal in school is to learn, to glorify God, and to have your affections directed towards that which is Good, True, and Beautiful. Your goal is not to get good grades. Now, with all of our learning having moved online, it is much more incumbent upon you to make sure that you are being academically and intellectually honest in all of your work. Be asking yourself the question: “If I got this much help from my friend/parent/sibling/the internet when we were at school would it be acceptable?” If the answer is “no” then it is probably not honest to have that much help at home either.

Monday, March 17

Prentis – Humanities
Due by Thursday, 3/19:

  1. Finish Reading/Watching Julius Caesar
    Link to Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQQh115qAME&t=3917s
    Link to Text: https://www.folgerdigitaltexts.org/download/pdf/JC.pdf

  2. “Ambition, Virtue or Vice” Question.
    Question: In “Julius Caesar”, Caesar is assassinated because he was too ambitious. At least, that was Brutus’ reasoning to the angry mob in Act 3, Scene 2. How would you define “ambition”? Is it a virtue, or a vice and why?
    Instructions: Please type your response in MLA format on a Google Doc and share it with me via my school email (mprentis@westsideacademy.org) Your answer should be between 6-8 sentences and should include one textual reference from “Julius Caesar” and one Biblical reference.

** 7th and 8th will postpone the Textbook Reading Quiz 24D until after Spring Break – they should complete the reading, and have their notes ready in the meantime.

Sasser – Humanities
Assignment 1 (due by Thursday): Either log into Google Classroom to answer this question or send Mr. Sasser an email with the answer:
What has been your answer to at least two of Mr. Sasser’s questions from class regarding using this time well? Remember, the questions were:

  • What do you want to read?
  • What projects do you want to accomplish?
  • How can you foster relationships and especially friendships?
  • How can you minister?
  • What spiritual disciplines do you want to develop?
  • What do you need to do for your mental health?

Assignment 2 (Due by Thursday): Use your notes from class to complete this study guide from Herodotus (or log on to Google Classroom and do it there). LINK HERE. If I am able to upload a video lecture I will add a link to the study guide doc.

Looking Ahead:
On April 1, you will have a paper due for Herodotus. The instructions for this are posted on Google classroom. Or here  contact me if you are having difficulty accessing them.

Pre Algebra- to the Best of your ability, please do the following assignments this week, email me if you need help.
Mon-Thursday PP 254-256 1-29  try to do 10 problems a day. Please email me for help.

Algebra 1 – Packet was sent home on Friday. Please email me directly if you did not receive this assignment. kfoldesy@westsideacademy.org

Earth Science – read pages 205-209 and watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DquXO2FEl0Q and answer the section review at the end of the reading.  Also record the temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction and precipitation for your zip code for at least two days.  Share either a document or image of your hand written work with me by Thursday 11:59 pm at jhindall@westsideacademy.org

Draw a simple still life using pencil. Set up at least three items and make sure they overlap instead of having them in a straight line. You can shade or color with color pencils. If you can, take a picture and email it to zziegler@westsideacademy.org by Thursday. You can email me if you have any questions.

Mon-Ch 15 ex 6 1-5, follow directions
Tue-Ch 16 Vocab write up and Study
Wed-ex 2
Thursday Ex 3

Take a photo of this week’s work and email it to me. Feel free to email me for help.

Read John 13:12-20; I am praying for you.
At this point you should have written your introductory paragraph and your 1st support paragraph. Make sure that you have done that. When you are able to join our Google Classroom, you will see an assignment there to continue your project.