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Tech Talk with Dr. Gordon

Back by popular demand is Dr. T. David Gordon, professor at Grove City College will addresses the question: What is all the media and technology doing to the brains of our children?

Special guest:  Dr. T. David Gordon, Professor of Media Ecology as well as Humanities, Religion and Greek, Grove City College
Every parent and teacher should hear what he has to share.
This is free and open to the public.
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Event Schedule:
9:00  Check-in and mingle.  Light refreshments available.
9:15  Intro by Jim Whiteman

9:20  Session one: Technology and education.  Anything that is made is a techne, a “made thing,” including an orally spoken language.  Chalkboards, books, papers, pens, are all things that are made.  Among other things, Dr. Gordon will resurrect the concern of Jacques Ellul to demonstrate how English has impoverished the world by its mis-use of the term “technology.”  Consider:  “bio-logy” is the study of life; “geo-logy” is the study of rocks, “theo-logy” is the study of God; so, Ellul argued, “technology” should convey the study of technique (the study of tools, how and why we make and use them).  This general session is intended to orient us to understand that “technology” is not at all a new concern, especially for educators (Socrates objected to writing, for example).

10:15 break

10:35 Session two: The Digital Era:  Educating what Jean Twenge calls “iGen.”  Jean Twenge’s recent book (October) continues concerns expressed by others that those who had smartphones by roughly age twelve are developing (or not) differently than others.  Educators cannot assume (she argues) that those born after 1995 are like those born before 1988; in those seven years’ difference, the General Social Survey exhibits changes that ordinarily only show up after 25 years or more.

11:35 End. Opportunity to stay a bit to talk, ask more questions.