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The Upper School incorporates the logic (also called dialectic) and rhetoric stages in our classical methodology.

Building on the foundation of WCA’s Grammar School, the Upper School’s logic and rhetoric programs equip students to reason and to be artful and winning in communications. Dialectic students learn to draw conclusions by relating facts and ideas from a variety of sources, weighing arguments, and supporting conclusions with evidence and reason. They are equipped to be discerning rather than manipulated by a smooth tongue, a clever retort or a barrage of cited statistics. Rhetoric students learn to recognize and appreciate beauty through the arts, sciences and nature and to be persuasive in writing and speech. They walk on a solid path of building knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Humanities is taught as an integrated course encompassing theology, bible and history including the ancient Greek and Roman world, medieval history, modern US and British history, and the Reformation. The challenging literature we read dovetails well and engages our minds in classical, medieval, American and European works of fiction, poetry and plays. English composition and rhetoric are strengths as we stress the art of communicating well on paper and in speech. Christian apologetics and a critical understanding of world religions have a practical application of navigating our confusing world of conflicting worldviews. Our traditional science and math courses also stretch minds for critical thinking and understanding God’s universe. Language offerings are Latin, Greek and Spanish. The arts, athletics and co-curricular opportunities also play an important role.

Studies are not limited to the classroom, but include regular and extensive field trips utilizing the substantial resources of Northeast Ohio and beyond.
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