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US Google Classroom Information

How to join a Google Classroom:
1. Log into GoogleDrive
2. Click the 9 boxes icon in the top right and scroll down to the Google Classroom icon; click on it.
3. Once in the Google Classroom app, students click the “plus” button (+) in the top right corner and click “join a class” and enter the class code.
4. Students will be required to join a class using their SCHOOL EMAIL only. Parents may join their class with any email.

Google Classroom Codes

WCA Upper School (all students) vooq3oc
Parents Classroom (all parents may join) dvcyru4

Prentis Dialectic Humanities ywzfyw4
Prentis Rhetoric Humanities qg6pttk
Sasser Dialectic Humanities d4inky7
Sasser Rhetoric Humanities fe5o6fo
Dialectic Honors ive2qpo
Rhetoric Honors lw3gtea
Senior Seminar gwnlftx

Rhetoric 1 fepffou
Jr. Thesis q742cn2
Sr. Thesis x6pimvk
Logic 8th Grade w4nmoy2
Logic 9th Grade nedh6iz
English 7 pcur3a4

Earth Science pn2gwnq
Physical Science efvbdgq
Biology dn5voil
Chemistry ksq4srh
Physics 2gp34ev

Foreign Languages
Introduction to Greek ymasilh
Latin I lypmkc5
Latin II-9 4jmf7au
Latin II-8 d2yamrj
Latin III wfot5ji
Spanish I ps2meik
Spanish II 2kaayhv

Pre-Algebra 2tcnltz
Algebra I yr6tfri
Algebra I Honors 6rcx6au
Geometry n3rfmx3
Geometry Honors 6nvdf4v
Algebra 2/Trig hl5v7tg
Algebra 2/Trig Honors 4fwxcok
Pre-Calculus ptns25g
Consumer Math ckxdgwi
Calculus AB w/AP vjudecx

7th Grade Art oskg2m3
8th Grade Art yqdzfdh
Art Elective 6pftpsb
7th Grade Choir ygr5kxu
8th Grade Choir tkh726u
Chorale a7ptb6q