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EagleTV Submission Guidelines

We are always looking for new ideas. What can you send?
Send all photos and videos to eagletv.wca.2020@gmail.com

Things to consider:

  • Not all submissions will necessarily be posted
  • Submissions are to keep with the school’s mission and culture
  • There should be a purpose to your video
  • Videos need to appeal to a school wide audience
  • Keep is short! Under 4 minutes
  • If using a phone turn your cell so the camera records horizontally.  This will result in a better video.

Who can submit a video?
Any student or faculty of WCA.
Do I need to edit my own video?
No. You can send what you have and we can splice and dice.
Can I edit my own video?
Yes! We will just add the EagleTV header and footer on our end.
What if my video is to large to send via email?
There is more than one way to skin a cat. (Sorry, Bea!) For those who use google docs, that will work. Remember to share it with eagletv.wca.2020@gmail.com.
Another way is using www.wetransfer.com This is a great website that does not require a login/password to use. You don’t even have to download the app on your phone. Just use the portal right on their website. You will upload your file and send it to yourself or eagletv.wca.2020@gmail.com. WeTransfer will send a link where the file can be downloaded. FYI, this is a great way to get larger files off your phone and onto your computer. Just send it to yourself!