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Who can download the app?

  • Anyone
  • Your student who has a phone can download it too!

How to get the app:

  • In either the apple or android app store, search: “westside christian academy”
  • Install the app
  • Activate the app

Create a profile:

  • Once you have downloaded the app, click on the app icon (WCA Eagle)
  • Tap the 3 bars in the top right of your screen (screen with the blue background)
  • Create your profile by adding your name and email address
  • IMPORTANT:  While on the profile page, be sure to select the tags appropriate for you and your family
  • To select a tag, tap the tag icon on the right near the top (while on the profile page)
  • Select all that apply


RenWeb Login:

  • Some tabs within the app will require your RenWeb login (grades, directory, etc.)
  • This login will remain active (not time out) for 30 days.  As long as you frequent a tab that requires the RenWeb login once a month you will not have to re-enter the RenWeb login info.
  • It is absolutely acceptable for your student, who has their own phone, to use your RenWeb parent login to view their grades through this app.