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What to Expect in Grade 7

  • Morning assemblies with the whole school featuring prayer, a devotion, praise songs, birthday celebrations and announcements.
  • Chapel each Wednesday featuring singing, Bible recitation and a message or special presentation.
  • Participation in a “Family Group,” a K-8 mix of 10 students led by and 8th grader. These groups meet almost weekly for prayer, game or devotional activity.
  • Daily Bible class consisting of readings from selected Old Testament passages for our survey class. Also, Scripture memorization and leadership and service opportunities, which focus on our mission.
  • English: a combination class focusing on writing, grammar, vocabulary exercises and quality literature. Students practice expository and narrative writing from both the first and third person points of view in response to literature and research. Excellence in Writing, Elements of Language Wariner’s 2nd Course, Adventures in Reading Anthology and Classics from our literature list are some of the curricula that highlight our coursework.
  • Daily mathematics according to a child’s ability/achievement level: Saxon Course 2, PreAlgebra or Algebra I.
  • History covers units from medieval times, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment and Victorian England; in addition we also study the Age of Exploration and the Mongol Empire. American History is taught from a Christian worldview, beginning with the settling of the New World through to major 20th Century events.
  • Science: earth science, including introductions to geology, meteorology and astronomy. Key skills developed in seventh grade science include following step-by-step lab instructions, using the scientific method and developing a hypothesis and conducting a science fair experiment.
  • Latin advances with grammar skills, Latin roots, and commonly used phrases.
  • Informal Logic is introduced as a course, and students study inductive reasoning and common logical fallacies through evaluating real-life editorials, commercials and political ads.
  • Daily snack from home; lunch and recess
  • Annual participation in Field Day, Christmas program and Spring Musical and a seventh grade led chapel service.
  • 7th grade extra-curricular opportunities include boys basketball, girls volleyball, cheerleading and ski club as well as academic competitions.
  • Fine Arts Program including the study of music theory, musical performances for choir and drama, with a Christmas concert and spring musical. Artistic expressions created from a foundational instruction of the elements of art. Students also learn the basics of art history.
  • Weekly participation in chapel as well as special chapels including: Grandparents & Special Friends Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Class Chapel.
  • Field trips often include area theaters and museums, 7th & 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. (every other year) where students learn about and appreciate the sacrifices made for their freedom.